Program Services account for 94% of our operating expenses. These include:

Cancer Patient Advocacy Programs

ICAN assists late-stage cancer patients – in every cancer and cancer subtype – by exploring and explaining strategic options for the patient to discuss with his/her medical team.

Clinical Trial Information Programs

ICAN provides information and resources for Stage IV cancer patients, relating to all major cancers as well as the rarest of malignancies.

Anticancer Drug Pipeline: Critical Analysis and Intervention

ICAN works closely with cancer patients, oncologists, cancer researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental agencies to accelerate responsibly the delivery of drugs from lab to patient.

Navigating the Drug Pipeline/Public Education

ICAN staff responds to a continuing deluge of inquiries from patients and their families regarding specific anticancer drugs in the preclinical pipeline as well as drugs that are being evaluated in clinical trials.


Influencing every facet of our Program Services is ICAN's focus on these areas:

Lobbying and Legislation

ICAN is one of 23 members of the National Coalition for Cancer Research; one of over 100 members of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research; and is actively involved in complex anticancer drug discovery issues.

Legal Expertise in Pharmaceutical Licensing and Intellectual Property Matters

ICAN and its legal counsel have been involved with pharmaceutical licensing as well as Physician Requests for Single Patient Investigational New Drug (IND) Applications for Compassionate or Emergency Use (to use an unapproved drug or other product for a single patient). At all times, ICAN strives to emphasize the public interest in expediting patient access to promising anticancer drugs.