Obtaining More Specific Information for the Patient

An Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography is an X-ray of the pancreatic ducts and biliary tree.

Here ICAN tries to get more details for a patient than the ERCP report had revealed by asking the GI endoscopist, who had dictated the report following the procedure, some specific questions that may be able to shed additional light on the differential diagnosis of possible pancreatic cancer versus chronic pancreatitis.

Fax to Dr. ______________________/Please deliver immediately/URGENT

Hi, Dr. ______________________,

I had a few questions about the last ERCP which I wasn’t able to answer from reading your ERCP report. Would you please answer these quick questions for me?

1) Was the pancreatic duct on ERCP smooth or beaded?

2) Did the dilated pancreatic duct have an irregular aspect to its borders?

3) Were the side branches of the main pancreatic duct dilated?

4) Was the pancreatic duct dilated to more than 50% of the anteroposterior diameter of the gland from atrophy of the gland?

5) Was the common bile duct obstructed? Was there a gradual, but not an abrupt, narrowing of the common bile duct?

6) Was my CA 19-9 taken after the last ERCP?

Thanks so much, Dr. ___________. The operation is still scheduled for _______________________.

If you would have your secretary please fax back to me at _____________ these answers, that would probably be the fastest route.

Best regards, _______________________