ICAN's Strict "NO Telemarketing" Policy

ICAN does not engage in or contract with others for telemarketing to solicit donations.

Beware of Fraudulent Phone Solicitations!

ICAN never engages in or contracts anyone to place solicitation calls or mass mailings. If you are called for a donation, it's likely NOT a call from us.

As you know, there are many scam artists who seek to take advantage of people's generosity and they solicit funds claiming that it is going to a good cause (disaster relief, cancer, etc.). Always verify who you are speaking to and whether the solicitation is legitimate. ICAN does not engage in telephone solicitations and has never done any telemarketing or solicitation of funds by phone since our founding more than 25 years ago. If you are receiving any calls from an organization calling itself "ICAN," and the caller is telling you that it is a cancer organization, you are being called by a fraudster and not by us. There are many organizations worldwide, including very legitimate ones, that use the acronym ICAN. There is, however, only one ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network.

Please note down any information regarding a suspicious caller (phone number, web address, physical address, etc.) and report it to the appropriate authorities or to us.

Please also see our Privacy Statement