ICAN's Efforts to Expand Access
to Oral Anticancer Drugs

States and year in which legislation was passed and enacted:



Maryland Statement of Support for the Kathleen A. Mathias Chemotherapy Parity Act of 2012 (SB 179 & HB 243)

State lawmakers seek more access to anti-cancer meds for patients

Maryland lawmakers push for legislation to boost access to anti-cancer medicine

Bill Could Ease The Financial Burden For Families With Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients, Advocates Seek Drug Access Changes

Measure Seeks More Access To Anti-Cancer Medicine

New Legislation Seeks To Bring Down Costs Of Anti-Cancer Medicine

Delaware Cancer Treatment Access Coalition memo

Gov. Christie signs bills to help those suffering serious illnesses obtain insurance - Text of bill

Insurance loophole on cancer treatments sticks patients with extreme cost

Oral chemotherapy treatments for cancer should be covered by insurance

Chemotherapy Or Pills? Difference Can Be Hundreds Of Dollars

Testimony before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs in support of SB1345

Insurance forced to pay for cancer meds

Testimony of Pat O'Connell before the Texas State Legislature

Patient and Plan Characteristics Affecting Abandonment of Oral Oncolytic Prescriptions


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