Board Leadership

ICAN’s Boards and Councils

Board of Trustees

  • Sherry Weinstein, Chair
  • Marcia K. Horn, JD, President and CEO
  • Robert H. Tamis, MD, Vice President and Chair, Information Technology Initiatives and Remission Coach® Programs
  • Cathy Dalzell, Chair, Advisory Council
  • Carey Gregory, Recording Secretary and Chair, Board Governance
  • Cheryl J. Hintzen-Gaines, Honorary Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Linda Jenckes, Chair, Federal Affairs and Strategic Alliances**
  • Sidney M. Rosen, Esq., Founding Chairman
  • Jayne Sanders, Advisor
  • Joan Weil, Chair, Special Advisor

** Of Cherished Memory

California Board of Advisors

  • Jeff Veness, Chairman

Texas Board of Advisors

  • Chuck Clayton, Chairman

Advisors to Boards and Councils

  • Linda Boatwright
  • Scott Kent Knauer

Honorary International Chairman

  • Marc Mondavi

International Corporate Council

  • Kevin M. Hanlon and Robert T. Hanlon, PhD, Honorary Co-Chairmen

Founding Chairman

  • Sidney M. Rosen, Esq.

Founding Trustees

  • Nancy Williams Bonnett, Esq.
  • William F. Buck, IV**
  • I. Douglas Dunipace, Esq.
  • Kim J. Giese, CPA
  • Carol Ginsberg
  • Gary Peter Klahr, J.D.**
  • Fred** and Gertrude Rosen**
  • Steve Shluker
  • William J. Timmons
  • Earl E. Weeks, Esq.**
  • Floyd Williams, Jr.**

** Of Cherished Memory

Honorary Trustees

  • Cheryl J. Hintzen-Gaines, Chair
  • Janet and Clive Cussler
  • Ellen and William Goldstandt
  • Bunnie Marks
  • Marlene and Eugene Shapiro
  • Suzie and Johnny Williams

Trustees Emeriti

  • Don W. DeMichele, PhD**
  • John Blasko
  • Carolyn Sechler, CPA

Chairmen Emeriti

  • Sidney M. Rosen, Esq.
  • Jewell McFarland Lewis, PhD**
  • Jay G. Alderson, Jr.  

Exon 20 Group Board of Advisors

  • Kevin M. Hanlon and Robert T. Hanlon, PhD, Chairs
  • Michael G. Beacham
  • Carey Gold
  • Colleen Hanlon
  • Denise Hanlon
  • Martha Hanlon
  • Tom Hanlon
  • Marcia Horn
  • Margaret and Rich Ingraham
  • Christy Roberson
  • Tracy Stauffer
  • Colleen Zogby, RN

ICAN Advisory Council

  • Cathy Dalzell, Chair
  • Rene Boze  
  • Chuck Clayton
  • Gail M. Curry
  • Darlene DeFranze
  • Brion Hartwig
  • Jeff Haymes
  • Ada and Ronald Jacobowitz, PhD
  • Amy Magaziner
  • Rob Maver
  • Renate Mousseux
  • Sally Ann O'Connor
  • Myra Richman
  • Shirley Rodriguez
  • Michel Sarda
  • Brian J. Schade
  • Nikki Serafin
  • Gregg Suskin
  • Aaron Thomas
  • Kelly Boze Thomas
  • Donna Wheeler

National Leadership Council

  • Joan Weil, Chair
  • Annie Achee
  • Mitchell D. Achee, M.D.
  • Raymond C. Adler, III
  • Ronni Anderson
  • Richard G. Anderson
  • Diana Andree
  • Valerie August
  • Michael Beacham, Chairman, New York Events (Exon 20 Group)
  • Linda Bergthold
  • Andrew J. Brown, Jr., Chairman, Diversity Issues, Underserved Patient Populations and Clinical Trials Enrollment
  • Patricia Chisholm, JD
  • Jay Cimino
  • Mike and Janette Cimino
  • Chuck Clayton, Chairman, Texas Board of Advisors
  • Gail M. Curry
  • Cathy Dalzell, Chairman, Advisory Council
  • Ron Dans 
  • Susan Fielder
  • Carey Gregory, Liaison to the Board of Trustees
  • Mary Lou Hamilton
  • Cheryl J. Hintzen-Gaines, Chairman, Honorary Trustees
  • Allison Johnson
  • Robert Masyczek, Chairman, Northern California/Napa Valley Events
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Lisa Rinaldi-Palestrini
  • Frank Ramirez
  • Mary-Elizabeth Reeve
  • Barbara Reimer, Robert W. Reimer Biomarkers Center Project at ICAN
  • Barbara Rigdon, Co-Chair, Northern California/Napa Valley Events
  • Patricia Sklar
  • Paul Thompson
  • Mary Kay Turner, Liaison to the Life Sciences Council
  • Johnny and Suzie Williams, Honorary Trustees
  • Jeff Veness, Liaison to the California Board of Advisors
  • John Youngberg

ICAN Ambassadors for International Patient Services

  • Popo Danes (Indonesia)
  • Fernando Ferrer, Chairman, Hispanic and Ibero-American Communities Council
  • Bruria Harel (Israel)
  • Vikram Jakhar (India)
  • Nathan Nagel (UK)
  • Amanda Quarshie, MD (Africa)
  • Anak Agung Gede Rai (Indonesia)
  • Barbara Reimer (Canada)
  • Rui Wang, MD (China)

Biomarkers Council

  • Scott M. Kahn, Ph.D., Chairman
  • Viktor Adalsteinsson, Senior Advisor, Sequencing and Circulating Tumor Cells
  • J. Carl Barrett, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Oncology
  • Shelley B. Blam, PhD, Senior Advisor, Cancer Biology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Neil Butters, Ph.D., Director, Biomarkers Literature Collation
  • Berwyn Clarke, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, Genomics and Biomarkers
  • Barbara Clendenen, Senior Advisor, Institutional Review Board Issues
  • Charles J. DiComo, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Prostate Cancer
  • Fernando Ferrer, MBA, International Pharmaceutical Outreach and Special Advisor, ICAN-Latin America Patient Engagement Issues
  • Jason Jin, Ph.D. Senior Scientific Advisor, Genomics and Biomarkers
  • Ronald G. Jubin, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Advisor, Immunology and Cancer Virology
  • Rajyalakshmi (Raja) Luthra, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Molecular Diagnostics
  • Ajay K. Malik, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Cancer Cell Biology
  • Sethu Narayanan, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Rare Malignancies
  • Stephen Naylor, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Personalized Medicine
  • Shannon R. Payne, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Colon and GI Cancers
  • Oscar Puig, PhD., Senior Scientific Advisor, Translational Clinical Research 
  • David S. Shames, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Novel Therapeutics
  • Linda G. Strause, Ph.D., Director, Biotechnology
  • Eric J. Thompson, Ph.D., Director, Molecular Profiling
  • Michael Thompson, MD, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Rare Malignancies
  • Chip Van Sant, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Predictive Biomarkers
  • Hans Winkler, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Oncology Biomarkers

International Physicians Advisory Council

bb Björn Brücher, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS

Surgical Oncology Council

  • Björn Brücher, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS, Chairman
  • Jeffrey M. Farma, MD, Surgical Oncology
  • Richard J. Gray, MD, Surgical Oncology
  • Barbara A. Pockaj, MD, Surgical Oncology
  • Serife Simsek MD, Surgical Oncology
  • Rui Wang, MD, General Surgery

Medical Oncology Council

  • John S. Link, MD, Breast Oncology
  • Larry L. Bans, MD, Urology
  • Linda Benaderet, DO, Medical Oncology
  • Mitesh Borad, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Matthew Borst, MD, Gynecologic Oncology
  • Andrew J. Buresh, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Michael S. Gordon, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Lanny Hecker, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Jeffrey D. Isaacs, MD, Hematology/Oncology
  • Han-Ting Lin, MD, Medical Oncology, Special Advisor, Asia
  • Robert A. Nagourney, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Sandip Patel, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Michael S. Roberts, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Ashish Sangal, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Abby B. Siegel, MD, Medical Oncology

Radiation Oncology Council

  • Nicholes E. Flores, MD, Chairman
  • Coral Quiet, MD

Radiology Council

  • Mitchell Achee, MD and Greg Goldstein, MD, Co-Chairmen
  • Gulab Shah, MD
  • John Simon, MD
  • Michele West, MD

Radiogenomics Council

  • Ronald S. Korn, MD, PhD, Chairman

Interventional Radiology Council

  • Charlie O. Nutting, DO, Chairman

Anatomic Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics Council

  • Anthony M. Magliocco, MD, Chairman
  • Arthur Sitelman, MD, Special Advisor, Anatomic Pathology Issues
  • E. Robert Wassman, MD, FAAP, FACMG, Senior Advisor, Genomics
  • Qingmei Xie, MD, Special Advisor, Hematopathology and Laboratory Medicine

Special Advisors to the Professional Councils

  • Joseph Brenner, MD, Special Advisor, Novel Therapies, Israel
  • Maryam Hasan, MD, Internal Medicine  
  • Shaheen Lakhan, MD, PhD, Neurology
  • Edward J. Perrin, MD, Geriatric Issues
  • Amanda Quarshie, MD, Special Advisor, Africa
  • Daniel Remen, MD, Special Advisor, Pain Management and Rehabilitative Medicine
  • Svetlana R. Rubakovic, MD, FACP, Special Advisor, Melanoma
  • Daniel Rubin, ND, Complementary and Alternative Medicine/Integrative Oncology
  • Valerie Sorkin-Wells, MD, Gynecology
  • Lisa Jo Stearns, MD, Anesthesiology and Supportive Care Issues

Biotech Council

  • Linda G. Strause, PhD, Chairman

Scientific Advisory Council

  • G. Robert Pettit, Ph.D., Chairman
  • Kevin G. Pinney, Ph.D., Vice Chairman

Clinical Oncology Research Advisory Council (CORAC)

  • ICAN is currently recruiting a national chairman

Planned Giving Council

  • Cecilia C. Zoltanski, Chair     

Attorneys' Council

  • Mark H. Kolman, Esq., Chairman
  • Kirk T. Hartley, Esq., Co-Chairman

Hispanic and Ibero-American Communities Council

  • Fernando Ferrer, Chairman

Honorary Chairs, California Board of Advisors

  • The Honorable Bill Dodd
    Member, California Assembly
  • The Honorable John Dunbar
    Mayor of Yountville
  • The Honorable Jill Techel
    Mayor of Napa 
  • The Honorable Mike Thompson
    Member of Congress

California Board of Advisors 
   Jeff Veness, Chairman

  • Diana Andree
  • Heather Anton
  • Shari Baker
  • Kim Beller
  • Linda Bergthold
  • Timothy Blake
  • Diana Cameron
  • Lynne Cory
  • Paul Engler
  • Susan Fielder
  • Bob Fisher
  • Mary Lou Hamilton
  • Bob Masyczek
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Margery Nelson
  • Mary-Elizabeth Reeve
  • Barbara Rigdon
  • Patricia Sklar
  • Patrick Strong
  • Kim Emerson Thorsteinson and Tim Thorsteinson
  • Jen Tyson
  • Katie Winter
  • John Youngberg

Liberty Mutual Golf Invitational 2019

  • Wendy Look and Cathy Dalzell, Chairs
  • Michael Friedman, Co-Chair
  • Brenda J. Berliner
  • Scott Biller
  • Melissa Geiser
  • Jeff Haymes
  • Len Landsbaum
  • Amy Magaziner
  • Kim McCormick
  • Rob Maver
  • Robert McClellan
  • Bonnie O'Day
  • Lisa Rinaldi-Palestrini
  • Gene Shapiro
  • Sreeja Sasidharan

Immediate Past Chairmen
Liberty Mutual Invitational

  • Wendy Look, Cathy Dalzell, and Michael Friedman 2018
  • Steven Sykes, 2016-2017
  • Jason Gard, 2014-2015
  • Gail M. Curry, 2013
  • Rob Maver and Robert Schlosser, 2012
  • Eugene B. Shapiro, 2011
  • Jim Grant, 2010

ICAN Northern California Golf and Dinner Events

  • Bob Masyczek, Chairman
  • Diana Andree
  • Kim Beller
  • Paul Engler
  • Bob Fisher
  • Mary Lou Hamilton
  • Barbara Rigdon, Co-Chairman
  • Lisa Rinaldi-Palestrini
  • John Youngberg

Speakers’ Bureau

  • Cynthia Adam
  • Shari Baker
  • Shelley Blam, PhD
  • Andrew J. Brown, Jr.
  • Diana Cameron
  • Maeve Carr
  • Chuck Clayton
  • Ron Dans
  • Fernando Ferrer
  • Kevin M. Hanlon
  • Robert T. Hanlon, PhD
  • Bobbi Johnson
  • Karen Jones
  • Katie McLaughlin
  • Sidney M. Rosen, Esq. 
  • Robert H. Tamis, MD


  • Sherry Weinstein

Independent Certified Public Accountants and Bookkeeping Services

  • Duane Eckelberg, CPA, Eckelberg & Weinshienk PC
  • Carolyn Sechler, CPA, Sechler CPA PLC, Special Advisor  
  • Brigitte Serrano, Buy the Hour Bookkeeping

Virtual Office/Foundation Advisor

  • Carolyn S. Sechler, CPA, Sechler CPA PLC (virtual office and technology issues)

Leadership Development, Strategic Planning Resources, and ICAN Mentoring Programs

If you would like to get involved with ICAN, please contact and we will match your interests to our numerous initiatives.  Thank you!


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