About ICAN®


The ICAN® mission is to assist and empower late-stage patients worldwide with cutting-edge information regarding anticancer drugs in clinical trials as well as physician referrals at the patient’s request based on the patient’s reported medical situation. ICAN® takes the position that there are key decision points in the battle for life and with the best available information, the cancer patient will be well-armed for the road ahead.

ICAN® assists the patient at such critical decision points in an effort to prolong life, taking into account quality of life and pain management issues. The ICAN® patient finalizes all treatment choices with his/her medical team. Primacy is placed upon avoiding lost time and easing the transition between a patient’s last set of diagnostic imaging (as well as lab tests) and the entry into either a clinical trial or a more creative treatment regimen.

Since its founding in 1996, ICAN® has been at the vanguard of personalized medicine and in the trenches with patients encouraging the use of specialty laboratory testing on blood and tissue samples as well as discussing molecular profiling results--before the term "personalized medicine" came into vogue. 

ICAN® views each patient case as unique, and has never seen two patients with the same subtype of cancer with identical molecular profiling results since the subjects of cancer and tumor cell biology are so complex.

 How We Meet Patient Needs

ICAN® maintains more than 200 separate Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Advocacy Programs in its Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Management Services, ranging from the major solid tumors to the rarest blood cancers. ICAN® Program Services include over 85 named Programs in honor or in memory of grateful cancer patients and their families.

ICAN® Programs are augmented by the Physicians Advisory Council (specialists in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, anesthesiology, and interventional radiology) as well as the Scientific Advisory Council which is comprised of leading anticancer drug discoverers. The organization's clinical trials search engine, Remission CoachSM, will provide patients, physicians, advocates, and researchers with a pathbreaking empowerment tool to enhance clinical trials information, communication, analysis, and access.

 Where Your Money Goes

100% of your generous contributions are earmarked to support our multi-faceted Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Management Services in addition to Remission Coach®.

As of our most recent financial filing, 94 percent of ICAN® functional expenses, time, and resources were allocated to Program Services and the hundreds of separate ICAN® Programs which that entails (more); 4 percent was allocated to management/general; and 2 percent to fundraising.

ICAN® raises additional funds by hosting two major golf tournaments each year, the prestigious Liberty Mutual Invitational, which is known as the number one charity golf tournament in the country and the Napa Golf Invitational. In addition, ICAN® sponsors a Casino Night in Texas.

funds breakdown pie chart


ICAN® fills a niche left by other cancer organizations by providing detailed, creative, and tenacious assistance at every decision point of the cancer patient’s battle. Virtually every patient with whom we have dealt says that he or she has received a unique amount of personalized attention and indispensable customized research from ICAN®.


Since its inception in 1996, IFADD/ICAN® has operated 24/7, including holidays, to assist cancer patients.

Special National Campaign Fundraising Goal

$25 million to augment ICAN® Personalized Medicine Cancer Case Management Programs as well as  Remission Coach®.

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