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ICAN Win III! Charity Poker Tournament

ICAN Texas Board of Advisors Chairman Chuck Clayton, hosted ICAN's Third Texas Charity Poker Tournament in May at the Sidelines Sports Grille.

Chuck spearheaded yet another highly successful Casino event which generated more than $2200 to the Claire Nelson Brain Tumor Program at ICAN.  Here are some highlights:

ICAN Northern California Invitational – Napa, California


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2014 Program Booklet  

2014 Event Presentation/Photos - Video  

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ICAN Liberty Mutual Invitational - Scottsdale, Arizona

Liberty Mutual Invitational

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2015 Presentation

2014 Program Booklet    

Event Presentation/Photos  

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ICAN Win 2016 Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament and Casino Night



Event Chairman and Emcee Chuck Clayton—Casino Night Promotional Video

ICAN 2014 Tango II Charity Dance Extravaganza

Ican Tango II

ICAN Tango II Welcome and Introduction  

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