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Under the direction of ICAN's President and CEO, appellate lawyer and litigator Marcia Horn, ICAN takes an appellate law approach to the War on Cancer, determining what has gone wrong in the decades since the Cancer Conquest Act was signed in 1971, such as:

Organized and directed like a law firm by Ms. Horn, ICAN's emphasis is on top performance within a high-pressure setting, to meet the demands from patients all over the world, who seek ICAN's unparalleled advocacy and information services 365 days a year. Working with ICAN staff and hundreds of volunteers, ICAN is able to concentrate on its mission and program services, delegating the management and execution of its special events to a largely volunteer-driven organization.

While ICAN prefers to operate under the radar screen and be a "workhorse, not a showhorse," ICAN's (formerly IFADD's) effectiveness has been recognized and awarded numerous times. In 1998, for example, Governor Hull saluted IFADD's efforts in spearheading a $10 million appropriation through the State Legislature that the Governor was most happy to sign on behalf of cancer researchers and medical centers statewide.

In 1999, Marcia Horn, IFADD's President and CEO, along with Sidney M. Rosen, Chairman of the Board of IFADD, received the Arizona State University Distinguished Achievements Award - only the fifth time this award was bestowed in the ASU Cancer Research Institute's history. Arizona-based writer and political columnist Dick Foreman, writing in the Arizona Republic, extolled Marcia Horn as "an angel" in the War on Cancer.

ICAN continues to win high praise from cancer patients, their families, cancer researchers, and physicians who have witnessed the impressive assistance we provide. Dr. Bob Pettit, then Director of the ASU Cancer Research Institute, declared at a recent Annual Meeting that this organization was "the most effective cancer patient advocacy organization (he has) ever worked with in his (then) 45 year career."

ICAN's leaders don't just talk the talk, asking others to reach deeply into their pockets. They themselves make substantial leadership gifts. Each member of ICAN's Executive Committee gives, raises, or has donated cash or in-kind services valued at a minimum of $100,000 to the organization.

Of special note, Founding Trustees of the organization have contributed over $150,000 to state-of-the-art laboratories and the Babette ("Batya") Rosen Lobby at the ASU Cancer Research Institute. ICAN's CEO personally underwrote a $25,000 state-of-the-art Cancer Research Laboratory at ASU-CRI, in honor of G. Robert Pettit, Ph.D. and her parents. These extraordinary gifts are above and beyond cash and in-kind contributions to ICAN (exceeding $20,000 per year) on the part of ICAN's CEO.


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