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ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If you are contacting ICAN with regard to a matter UNRELATED to our Patient Services, please call 602-861-3777 or email If you have not heard back within 48 hours, call us at 602-618-0183 or email us at

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ICAN 10-Point Patient Accrual and Screening Process

  1. The patient directly contacts ICAN. The organization may conditionally accept the case, informing the patient that ICAN maintains Wait List status for its oversubscribed Personalized Medicine Programs. During Wait List periods on a per-Program basis, ICAN accepts the most critically ill patients first and/or those patients at key turning points in their battles for life (e.g. having to make a decision on entry into a clinical trial, etc.) where time is of the essence.
  2. While ICAN often works directly with the patient’s spouse or other family member, the patient must give ICAN full consent before ICAN takes on the role as his/her patient advocate.
  3. The patient provides 100 percent of the medical record to ICAN, with all updates and agrees to an intake telephone interview (time varies according to issues involved but may last up to two hours). ICAN advises each patient, based on the issues involved, how to maintain ICAN’s “Patient Binder” going forward to collect all medical records.
  4. The patient consults with his medical team as to any ICAN recommendation and understands that ICAN staff and volunteers dispense robust robust patient advocacy and do not practice medicine. The patient agrees that no member of ICAN’s professional councils receives identifying information about any ICAN patient. All issues that come before members of ICAN’s professional councils are handled on an de-identified basis.
  5. The patient consents in advance and makes arrangements that ICAN is to receive copies of all additions to the patient’s medical record, including all molecular profiling, sequencing, functional profiling, and chemosensitivity/ chemoresistance reports. The patient understands that while ICAN maintains a Physicians Advisory Council, a Biomarkers Council, a Scientific Advisory Council, and other professional councils, it is solely the province of ICAN professional advocacy staff to determine which cases are reviewed (on an de-identified basis) by any member or members of such councils. The patient further understands that ICAN is independent of all entities in the global oncology space and that the patient, were he or she to consent to tissue banking, for example, would be directed to the external governing body that would oversee the execution of formal informed consents to transfer the patient’s tissue.
  6. The patient understands that ICAN does not handle reimbursement issues, financing issues, insurance, or disability appeals, but refers such issues to other organizations.
  7. For international cases, ICAN will use its best efforts to provide translation of our advocacy recommendations into the patient’s language.
  8. The patient understands that ICAN professional advocacy staff and key Research Services and Patient Services volunteers comply with HIPAA at all times, and that ICAN will never release any facts concerning the patient’s case to any third party or to anyone at ICAN who is not directly involved with the patient’s case. The patient thus specifically agrees that ICAN is to disclose no details about the patient’s case to any third party beyond ICAN’s designated professional patient advocate(s) without the patient’s express written consent.
  9. For document control purposes and in conjunction with the organization’s Patient Privacy and Medical Records Destruction Policy, ICAN continuously shreds patient records.
  10. The patient is informed from the beginning of his or her case that ICAN has had a long-standing policy not to solicit funds from patients or to involve patients in fund solicitation without express “opt-in” consent. Spontaneous contributions, tribute donations, and event attendance and/or event sponsorships are, however, gratefully accepted by the organization, as are spontaneous and detailed testimonials.

For further information, please email or call 602-618-0183.


All ICAN operations and Patient Advocacy Programs are in strict compliance with HIPAA; HIPAA Security Rules; the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Safeguard Rule; and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act.

Please do not mail or fax patient information that contains Social Security Numbers or Dates of Birth without thoroughly blacking out such confidential information first. We zealously protect our patient's privacy at ICAN.

Please refer to the following policies:
Medical Information Policy
Patient Privacy Policy
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