News Highlights

Scott Khan and Fernando Ferrer

Scott Khan, PhD – Chairman, ICAN Biomarkers Council and Fernando Ferrer, MBA  Chairman, ICAN Hispanic and Ibero-American Communities Council– at BioNJ Patient Advocacy Summit—November 4, 2016.

Colorado Governor signs bill

Annie Achee, member of ICAN's National Board (on the Governor's left in the black suit), is present as Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signs the biosimilars prescriber communication law on April 3, 2015. Annie and her husband, Colorado radiologist Dr. Mitch Achee, worked tirelessly to help pass this important patient safety law. Mitch, also a member of ICAN's National Board, provided compelling testimony to the Colorado legislature along with ICAN National Board members Frank Ramirez and Paul Thompson.

Cancer / Oncology news headlines provided courtesy of Medical News Today.


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