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Apologies and Goodbye to Ands - my beautiful, wise, witty, vivacious cuzzie and friend

Ands - you have left an indelible mark on so many lives and there is now an emptiness without you here!
We can all learn so much from not only how you lived your life, but also how you ended your life!

I have so many memories of our childhood, teenage and adult years, and feel fortunate to have always lived in relatively close proximity to you.  Most of the memories from our youth are good ones, but I'd like to use this forum to apologize for the bad ones.

For the incident when you and I locked ourselves in your bedroom to avoid your brothers interfering with our "girl games". When your brother Colin tried to sneak into the room, we slammed the door on his toe.....and there it lay!!!!

Andy on right- Glenda's Bridesmaid

Another time, Mervyn and I were babysitting you while your parents were out-of-town. While sitting in the living room, a speeding car knocked down the front fence of your house and joined us in the living room. I always believed that maybe I brought your family bad luck!!??

I'm sorry for teasing you, particularly by calling you Andy-Pants. I knew you didn't like it, but I carried on anyway!

I'm sorry I laughed at you when you couldn't match your clothes.  I never understood your color-blindedness!

I'm sorry I encouraged you at such a young age to drink with me when we worked together at the Sunglass shop!

I'm sorry I made you wear "red" as a bridesmaid at my wedding. You never told me till after how much you hated the color!

I'm sorry I urged you to date those gorgeous-looking guys, even though you had no interest.  You were waiting for your "Gem"!

I'll always remember however, the good times and Simchas that we celebrated together and of course, our wonderful tradition of spending the Jewish Holidays together. Rosh Hashana at you, Yom Kippur at Orin and Pesach at me for the past 28 years! A real Blessing for us!!!

Thank you for the memories Ands - you were a one-of-a-kind soul, a one-of-a-kind cuzzie and a one-of-a kind friend!

The world can never be the same without you in it!    Rest in peace beautiful angel!


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