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Arie Ringelstein (5 days shy of 75 years old) – Arie Ben Yaakov V’Esther

Wife of 53 years: Rivka
Children: Steven, Liat (Shlomo), and Anat (Moti)
Grandchildren: Itay, Dikla, Karin, Ram, Leeran, Matan, and Maytal
Sister: Bianca
Died: Shmini Atzeret/Shabbat, 10/10/09

Today we bid farewell to Arie Ringelstein… Arie Ben… a man who exemplified the true meaning of human life – a man who placed the lives of others in place of his own; a survivor, who squarely faced life’s adversities and challenges with courage and dignity… and at the same time a man who conciliated and brought about peace; a man who saw a cloud as the overture to a bright sun; a man who imparted his family and all those who knew him with the noblest of moral values; a man for whom the word negative was virtually non-existent; … a man whose biggest source of pride and everlasting treasure was his beloved family… and a man who lived to the fullest – always with an indelible smile on his face!


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