The Carol Brull Pancreatic Cancer Program

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Inspiration Carol lives by

My dear friend Judy wanted Tom and I to toast to her when she passed. This is the inspiration I get from her:

When special people touch our lives then suddenly we see how beautiful and wonderful our world can really be. They show us that our special hopes and dreams can take us far by helping us look inward and believe in who we are.

They bless us with their love and joy through everything they give. When special people touch our lives they teach us how to live.
Carol and Tom Carol and Tom

Judy and TomJudy and Tom - before she passed

Tom, Judy and Dr. George Unger Tom, Judy and Dr. George Unger in 2019

Dr. BrinkTribute to Jeffrey Brink, MD, FACS
Arizona Transplant Associates
Phoenix, AZ

This incredibly brilliant doctor gave me another chance at life. Most of all hope. My cancer was Pancreatic cancer. He is not aware that he is known as "God's angel" by his colleagues. His hands are the hands of God working to save lives. There are not enough words to thank him from not only me but many thousands of others whose lives he has touched.

God bless and keep this beautiful young man that his work may continue on and on.

Thank you, Dr. Brink!


_Carol Brull


The Carol Brull Pancreatic Cancer Program
is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Program Advocacy Services.

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