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Friends and Family Share Their Memories

Claire was a delight to have in my life. She loved life to its fullest and loved new experiences. She used to hate to go to bed at night, because it meant another day was over. She loved ballet, dancing, Tinkerbell and fairies, swimming, cheerleading, her friends, her sister, Hayley, her family, her dogs, Ginger, Carterand Tink, dolls, and pretty much everything about this life. After she was diagnosed, she fought as hard as anyone can, but she didn't win that battle. However, she will always be in our hearts and she is a loss to this world. If we can save one child from getting cancer or dying of it, I hope that ICAN can do it. 

If you would like to read more about Claire's life, she and I wrote a book, and it's called "I'll Stay as Long as I can" . You can purchase it on or through me. It is Claire and my diaries of our life from the time she was six years old, until she died when she was 16 years old. 

Thank you for supporting "ICAN" and remembering and honoring my daughter. She would love that. 

—Margy Nelson (Claire's mother)

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Claire Nelson Brain Tumor Program
is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Program Advocacy Services.

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