Overview of
The Elena Siltanen
Pharmacy Advocacy Program 

Because of our Generous Supporters, ICAN patients involved in
The Elena Siltanen Pharmacy Advocacy Program
have access to the following information services:

  • Direct Navigation of Exon 20 Insertion Cases, both EGFR Exon 20 Insertions and HER2 Exon 20 Insertions;
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Surveys of our Exon 20 and Rare Cancers Communities;
  • Cutting-Edge Research at Top Laboratories Focusing on Exon 20 Resistance Mutations
  • Public Policy Initiatives to Accelerate the Rare Lung Cancer Treatment Pipeline
  • Health Information Technology Initiatives
  • National, Global, and Country-by Country Sequencing and Profiling Campaigns to Identify Exon 20 Insertions and Point Mutations on Diagnosis.


The Elena Siltanen Pharmacy Advocacy Program
is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Program Advocacy Services.

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ICAN is currently working on The Elena Siltanen Pharmacy Advocacy Program. We are working to put together a Family and Friends Advisory Council for the The Elena Siltanen Pharmacy Advocacy Program. If interested, please email us at Elena.Siltanen.Program@askican.org.

If you would like to become involved as a donor and supporter or a member of our Cancer Research Literature team as a Research Team Leader (medical school students, physicians, nurses, and post-docs only please), you may reach us at Elena.Siltanen.Program@askican.org.

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