The Joyce F. Hediger
Ovarian Cancer Patient Advocacy Program

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The Joyce F. Hediger Ovarian Cancer Patient Advocacy Program

Chemo-Sensitivity Testing for Lung Cancer: Dr. Robert Nagourney & Ryan Kuper

FDA approves olaparib capsules (Lynparza, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP) as monotherapy for the treatment of patients

Tiny capsule effectively kills cancer cells

Life-Saving DNA Test Overlooked in Rise of Colon Cancer

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer - Clinical Trials

Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma - Clinical Trials

Hospitals scramble on the front lines of drug shortages

Unveiling the Genetic Landscape of Ovarian Cancer

OVA1 more effective than CA 125 test in evaluating likelihood of ovarian cancer

Nearly 25% of Women With Early Ovarian Cancer Not Given Recommended Biopsies

ARID1A Mutations in Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Carcinomas

BMJ Study On Ovarian Cancer Wins Prestigious Award

Second Phase III Study Showed Avastin-Containing Regimen Helped Women With Ovarian Cancer Live Longer Without Their Disease Getting Worse

Protein Inhibitor Revives Chemotherapy For Ovarian Patients: TGen Findings

Blood relations: new study explores early detection of ovarian cancer


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