Overview of
The Jon W. Phillips
Patient Journal Program 

Jon W. Phillips was a dynamic force in the Exon 20 Group, serving on the Exon 20 Council for more than 3 years, working with other Council members to tame a very rare gene mutation into a more manageable disease.

Jon co-chaired the Exon 20 Group's Angel Buddies Program and advised patients from Australia to the Netherlands, and from India to across the U.S. on side effects management and other issues.

A scintillating writer, Jon pioneered journaling the patient experience for the Exon 20 Group, keeping a detailed patient diary and teaching others how to journal.  The board of directors of ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network, the sponsor of the Exon 20 Group, has named a special program in memory of Jon--the Jon W. Phillips Patient Journal Program, askican.org.

Working with a team of six of the country's top lung cancer specialists, Jon was the very definition of "proactive patient," and his passion was to assist other patients diagnosed with the same ever-challenging gene mutation.

Because of our Generous Supporters, ICAN patients involved in
The Jon W. Phillips Patient Journal Program
have access to the following information services: