The Liza Jones Patient Advocacy Program


Liza with granddaugher on sofa

Liza smiling face as a very young child

liza family portrait

Liza and daughter smiling

Liza holding newborn grand daughter

newborn granddaughter

newborn granddaughter

Liza with basket of oranges

liza and husband with Elvis likeness

Liza at Grand Canyon

liza family

Liza at Eiffel Tower

newborn granddaughter

Liza hugging grandchild outdoors

liza in black lace dress and husband in suit at restaurant

liza and husband sitting  at table

Liza with a huge cooked lobster on a plate

Liza sitting at an outdoor table with eyglasses on the table

newborn granddaughter

The Liza Jones
Patient Advocacy Program

is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Program Advocacy Services.

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