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Hello, I met Melody a couple months after the birth of her youngest daughter. She had contacted our ovarian cancer support group for information and to meet other survivors. The first meeting she brought the baby with her and met with about 8 of us from Fort Worth. Melody and I connected and became friends (via phone) due to where we lived and our schedules (mine work and her's young motherhood).

Melody was one of the sweetest persons I've met and she was a sponge trying to find out about ovca and all she could do to stay healthy and be there for her family. We talked many times over the next few years, thru tears, recurrences (me too) and happy times. She always uplifted my spirits when she randomly called me and sent me a little angle that I Have on my dresser to this day. she was a wonderful woman who was in my life for a short time but has left a lasting memory that I will never forget.

She was a strong advocate for herself regarding ovca and striving to stay healthy. We talked about new treatment options and she made me think outside the box many times.

What a wonderful thing to come across this website and see her name. She must be very happy. Thanks for letting me post. Miss you Melody.
--Becky Alrubaiie

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