The Stacey Titens Wizig
Cancer Research Program

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While I was completing my undergrad in education, I nannied for Howard and Stacey's beautiful daughter, Marissa. Not much later, was I blessed with another beautiful young lady, Hayley. Both girls were such a joy to watch grow. When my career as an educator took off-I lost touch with the entire family. As much as I regret losing touch with the family, to know that they were both so very blessed to have Howard and Stacey as parents, I knew the sky was the limit for the girls!! I am so lucky to have been able to watch Marissa grow, through her experiences and passion for life, into the stunning, compassionate, and giving young woman as she has been extremely successful in her studies, just like her mom!!! I know Stacey would be extremely proud of both of her beauties!! I know I sure am!!! Hugs and smiles to all of you!!
-- Ali Johnston-Hull

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The Stacey Titens Wizig Cancer Research Program
is a vital part of ICAN's Cancer Patient Advocacy and Clinical Trials Program Advocacy Services.

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