The Wendy Gelber
Lung Cancer Research Program

Inspiration Wendy lives by


My inspiration started with HOPE. I was in the chemo room the day after I got diagnosed. I wanted to see my daughter get engaged, then married, and then have a baby. It all came true, and I was sure I wouldn't live for any of it. (I was told by 2 doctors that I would die in six months and it is now 4-1/2 years later) Dr. Jeff Isaacs, Dr. Mike Gordon, Dr. Nick Flores, and Marcia Horn at ICAN kept telling me about new drugs and clinical trials that I was willing to try. The Wellness Community, which I attended for two years, was a place where other cancer patients and I became very close and could really understand what we were all going through. I couldn't list all the books and articles I have read, as it would take pages. I also did not want to make friends and family feel sorry for me or get scared for themselves. I think the most important thing when you get sick is "not to become your disease."

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic non small cell lung cancer that went to both lungs, lesions in my brain, lesions in my hip, and the bone med you get for the chemo gave me a kidney disease (not an allergy from the chemo). It really is a fight, and you have to be strong and positive. My son got involved in health care (he was a teacher) so he could help me-he wanted to travel but stayed in Phoenix for four years to be around me. He inspires me because he really believes in love, peace, and acceptance. Both of my children give me strength and are the best gifts my husband could have given me.They both cancel their day if I feel I want them to come to an exam, test or doctor. My husband remains my anchor and is always positive.

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