Rui Wang, M.D.

Rui Wang, M.D. is the Director of Patient Services (Asia) for ICAN, the International Cancer Advocacy Network (formerly known as the International Foundation for Anticancer Drug Discovery or IFADD). He graduated in 1987 from Xiangya School of Medicine in Changsha, one of the top medical schools in China.

After graduation he served as General Surgeon for six years at Beijing Chao Yang Hospital, a teaching hospital of Capital Medical University in Beijing, China. After coming to the United States in 1993, Dr. Wang served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Wang then joined the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and later the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he was involved in the development and research of several new drugs, including Celebrex.

王锐医师现任美国 International Cancer Advocacy Network 的亚洲部主任。1987 年他毕业于湖南长沙的湘雅医学院,中国最著名的医学院之一。毕业后,他在首都医科大学附属北京朝阳医院的普通外科担任了6年外科医生。1993 年来美国后,王医生先在美国密苏里州圣路易斯市的华盛顿大学医学院做博士后。随后他先后加盟美国辉瑞(Pfizer) 制药公司和内布拉斯加大学医学中心并参与了多种新药的研究和发展,其中包括已上市的新药西乐葆(Celebrex).

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