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"Oneness in the family with unconditional love and unconditional acceptance for all" – Arie Ringelstein


Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein

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Arie Ringelstein

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Arie Ringelstein

Arie Ringelstein


To Rita, my loving and good wife,

Congratulations on our 50th anniversary today! Indeed this is a long way that we have succeeded to pass together, through all the obstacles of life, and to stay united around the ball of love which helped us on our path of life.

Many people throughout different generations have tried to define, "What is love?"

Some of them said, "It's a sexual attraction, which in time fades and then love ends."

Some said, "This is a mutual interest in communal subjects."

Some said, "This is actually because of the opposites of character."

Some said, "It is kind of a compromise."

Some said, "It's a different level of education."

Others claim, "There are a lot of theories, as many as the number of people living in the world."

I see our love as a small energy ball that came out of a supernatural power of divine energy as a mission on Earth. Inside the body of a human being, the spirit and soul are the energy that are supposed to guard the body, to navigate me in order to experience the test of life and physical conditions of the human body.

This small ball is built like any other star in the universe, with one pole plus and the other pole a minus. On the one hand, the opposites between the sides, the minus and the plus, keep the equilibrium and balance of the ball together on the path of life.

I arrived to Earth five years before you. But both of us have felt the special experience, to enter into a physical body without any knowledge, without knowing in the beginning how to use our wonderful bodies and how to benefit and enjoy all the things on the path of life.

It's true that we received a very sophisticated body with genes from our parents, with full support until we reached a status where we are able to navigate our own way. In time, getting older, conditions have been created where it doesn't matter the distance of the different families. We still were able to find each other and to unite again to that ball of love that went on its way supported by the Divine who is the original creator of love.

From the moment we met and knew each other, until we got married on July 8, 1959, we understood that we belonged one to the other. Without even knowing how, we became united to that ball of energy which is the ball of love.

On the one hand, the two poles of the plus and the minus, with excitement, emotions and sex life, dissolve and feel like one body. On the other hand, on a daily basis we come across obstacles, difficulties and opposites. This creates distance and we are separated from the love of the Divine, like the side of the globe that recedes from the sun and the cold that is in that area.

Now comes the miracle. Our first angel, our son Steven, was born to us and brought new happiness into our lives, new energy to remind us where we come from. Only with mutual assistance, we are able to overcome obstacles and to stay alive on the globe of love, which continues to lead us easily on the path of life.

I remember picking up Steven, he was so little and scrawny and he looked just like the other babies. So I picked up another baby, and only after you started to scream at me, "This is not our son!" did I pick up Steven. By then I was already confused.

After him came the second angel, our daughter Lea, with a head so full of black hair that she could already be going to the hairdresser. You couldn't miss it, her smile was so warm and it filled our heart with love. Again we got closer to the energy of the love of the Divine.

Our third angel was in the form of our daughter Anat, with a sweet smile that again brought us a lot of love and new energy.

The kids grew up, matured and started to find their way in life. We started to feel again the imbalance, wasting energy on unimportant things with our arguments. This is probably the way of most people's lives.

Now again here arrive four new angels, grandchildren from Lea, and three angels, grandchildren from Anat. They are the new re-charging of our love energy. We are excited and our hearts are filled with love.

Our son Steven didn't bring us angels in the form of grandchildren, but look at the miracle where he himself reached the level of being able to communicate with the supernatural and to fill himself with love and to send us that energy of love to re-charge ourselves. We are getting older but we still have patience to wait for another angel from Steven and more angels of great grandchildren.

I will end with the story that I keep telling ... that as long as our small ball of love will exist, we will continue passionately, with the passion within us to be sexy Grandma and Grandpa, so that the great grandchildren will continue to come.

Love you now and now is not a time but an eternity of kisses,




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