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Let's go back to the '60's when I had the pleasure of working with Kim's father Doug, at Konner's Chevrolet in Caldwell, New Jersey. As the saying goes, "The seed doesn't fall far from the tree," and that fits Kim perfectly. Doug was a magician when it came to Corvette performance. He had local Corvette owners and those from surrounding states flocking to Konner's to have their Corvettes set up for performance. I let as much of this rub off on me as I could.

I have known Kim since he was a baby and saw the nurturing his parents gave him as he grew up. We were always in touch, and our relationship has always been warm. I have admired Kim and his accomplishments in automotive innovation. Designing and implementing the Bricklin air doors are just one of his that had King Faisal fly him over the pond to modify his personal Bricklin motorcars.

Fast forward to today:

Corvette Restoration AZ is Kim's brainchild that he opened to fulfill the needs of Corvette aficionados. He runs a one stop shop with experts in every field of repair. Kim's knowledge about Corvettes has no boundaries. Because of his upbringing he is light years ahead of his time. He IS the Vette Whisperer!

It is an honor and pleasure to count myself as one of Kim's friends. He has many. His is loved by all of his friends, and returns the same to them. He will extend his hand in friendship and support to anyone in need, addressing their problems before his own. He faces his challenges with vigor and a "Can do" attitude that gives him the courage to prevail. He loves the Lord and will tell you how important his relationship with Him is. A short visit with Kim will make you feel you've known him all of your life. He is that comfortable to be around.

Bill MacKenzie
August 20,2010

Kim Ian Madsen.........where does one start. A true artist with the restoration of motor vehicles, his passion. A hard worker, caring, honest and dedicated individual. I've known Kim for just under 30 years, and what a pleasure it's been. Kim's been like a brother to me, and yes, he even babysat me and my older brother. An upbeat individual, always a positive thinker looking at new angles to accomplish the task at hand. Kim has faced many challenging moments both in his personal life and his professional life. Not letting anything get in his way, he's always put all he had into the fight and usually came right back..... and on top. Little does Kim know, but his work ethic and desire to always give the best became part of my life. Kim, you are a true Hero.

Rich B. Bricklin
July 25, 2010

For many years, Kim was a client of mine. I can honestly say that he was one of my favorite clients. He was one of those people that you always made time for no matter what. I used to visit his office and used to laugh at the disarray and piles of paper in the office (which were eventually organized) and heard the great stories about the memorabilia on the walls. If I was ever in the neighborhood of the shop, I would always stop by to soak in his welcoming smile, his passion and pride for his business and his great energy.

When my son, Aaron, was going to school to be a mechanic we dropped by the shop to meet Kim. He showed him around and talked at length about cars with him. It was a high spot for my son and although he works on BMW's now, every year when he flies in from Denver to go to Barrett Jackson with his Dad, he would always make sure they looked for a Corvette from Corvette Restoration AZ.

I always smile when I think of Kim and I will miss seeing him. I'm glad he's at peace now. My son and I extend our condolences to Jackie and family.

I'm grateful to have known Kim.

Julie Dornbush


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